Councilmember McDuffie statement on DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson

  Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie issued the following statement on District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson:   "On June 22, 2017, Chancellor Antwan Wilson signed Chancellor’s Directive #103, Discretionary Out-of-Boundary Transfers Policy. The transfer policy expressly states that, “this discretionary transfer process is not available for current or former ‘public officials.’” As a current public official, Chancellor Wilson sought and received a discretionary transfer for his child and, thus, violated this policy. In so doing, he breached the public trust and must resign. I do not arrive at this decision lightly. In fact, I have spent the time since learning about this on Friday talking with many Ward 5 parents and students. Their emotions ranged from shock and disappointment to anger and frustration. Most residents expressed that they…
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