Below are quick links to common tools and databases when researching items relating to the District of Columbia government. If you have resources you think should be added here, feel free to let us know. (Last updated March 2019)

Property Quest Map DC’s Office of Planning created this site to show a wide range of site-related information easily, especially for historic resources. Map allows users to click on nearby properties for additional information.
Atlas Plus DC Atlas Plus is a mapping tool that contains over 340 different data layers, organized by category. DC Atlas Plus is the updated version of DC Atlas, which was created by OCTO GIS, as an easy way to view geographic information about the District of Columbia. This new and improved version of DC Atlas allows you to search for addresses, intersections, or place names; analyze and identify data; and create maps that you can share.
Real Property Tax Database The DC Office of Tax and Revenue’s (OTR) real property tax database provides online access to real property information including property value, assessment roll, and other information for more than 200,000 parcels.
Real Property Map SearchDC Real Property Assessment Map Viewer. Search and view real property lots and related details: Real property ID (Square Suffix Lot), DC street address, Assessment Neighborhood Area (ANA), DC square boundary, DC ward boundary.
DC Zoning Map Official DC Zoning Map. The interactive zoning map allows users to determine the zoning classification for any property in the District. Users can search for zoning information by specific address, square and lot, parcel, Zoning Commission (ZC) case, or Planned Unit Development (PUD), where applicable. Users can also select different zoning layers of data to turn display on the map off and on. Generated reports or map displays can be printed for any selected property. Users should note that when searching for a PUD, the ZC case name and case number reflect the most recent case data associated with the PUD.
Zoning RegulationsThe linked PDF documents are the subtitles that comprise the new Zoning Regulations of 2016, as amended through 11/28/2018 which includes corrections made through Case No. 08-06P. Please note this is a courtesy “unofficial” version of the Zoning Regulations of 2016, as amended. The Official version of the Zoning Regulations of 2016, as amended, can be found on the website of the Office of Documents and Administrative Issuances at
DGS Property Locator Locate a DGS-managed (Department of General Services) DC government-owned property if it inventory. Link from DGS ).
Recorder of Deeds Public RecordsThe Recorder of Deeds provides online access to its document images and index information from August 1921 to the present. Our commitment is to utilize the latest technology to provide the highest levels of service and support to citizens of the District of Columbia and customers around the world.
DCRA Property and Permits Detail (PIVS)The Property Information Verification System (PIVS) is a resource where users may research real property, regulatory, and enforcement information on specific properties. Users may search by a specific street address or square-suffix-lot (SSL) number.
DCRA Construction Permit TrackerTrack status of building permit application by application ID or property address.
DCRA  Registered Business/LicenseBusiness License Verification – In order to operate legally in the District of Columbia, all businesses must be licensed. Whether or not a Basic Business License is required depends upon the business activity conducted in the District. This link allows you to check if a business entity has active license(s). You can search by License Number, address, name or entire category list.
DDOT Permitting SystemTransportation Online Permitting System (TOPS) is an online system that enables home owners, tenants, and businesses alike to apply for the specific type of public space occupancy, construction, excavation, annual or rental permit required for use of the public space within the District of Columbia.
D.C. Code The full District of Columbia code.
DC Council Legislation Database (LIMS)Database of all Council legislation, resolutions, and reports dating from approximately 1990 to current day.
DC Municipal Regulations and District of Columbia RegisterThe District of Columbia Register is the official weekly legal publication for the District of Columbia government and includes D.C. laws, administrative rulemakings, notices, orders, and other items from the Council of the District of Columbia, the Mayor’s executive agencies and independent agencies, charter schools, ANCs and other official entities of the District government.