Restoring Faith in Our Government

As Chair of the Committee on Government Operations, Councilmember McDuffie was responsible for legislation and oversight related to elections; campaign finance; general services; personnel, including employee; maintenance of public buildings; property management, including the declaration of government property as no longer required for public purposes; grants management; and matters relating to the general operation and services of the government.

Key legislative highlights from his committee include:

Campaign Finance Reform and Transparency Amendment Act
Councilmember McDuffie authored and ushered through the Council a comprehensive campaign finance reform bill that closes the “LLC loophole,” increases transparency and reporting by campaigns and lobbyists, limits money order contributions, and increases penalties and fines for campaign finance violations.

Board of Ethics and Government Accountability Amendment Act
This bill expanded the newly formed Board of Ethics and Government Accountability’s (BEGA) ability to issue advisory opinions and expanded the range of penalties that the Board may impose.

Campaign Finance Training Amendment Act
Recent events illustrate the need for comprehensive campaign finance training for candidates and their treasurers at the beginning stages of campaign season. In response, Councilmember McDuffie introduced the “Campaign Finance Training Amendment Act of 2013” to establish a mandatory training program within the Office of Campaign Finance to educate candidates for public office and the treasurers of political committees regarding campaign finance requirements. Participants would then be issued a “Certificate of Completion,” verified by oath or affirmation, to be posted
publicly on the OCF website.

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