Affordable Housing

Disposition of District Land for Affordable Housing Amendment Act
Requires affordable housing set-asides whenever District-owned land is disposed of for multi-family residential development consisting of 10 or more units.

Truth in Affordability Reporting Act
Requires the District to measure the affordability of housing projects against the District’s Median Family Income, in addition to the federal Area Median Income.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Act
Creates a tax credit to subsidize the production of affordable rental housing. Under the program established in the bill, District of Columbia Low Income Housing Tax Credits (DC-LIHTC) will be awarded to developers as an indirect subsidy toward the production of affordable housing.

Housing Production Trust Fund Supplemental Funding Act
In response to legislation introduced by Councilmember McDuffie, the District of Columbia Government will dedicate 50% of all future unreserved surplus funds to the Housing Production Trust Fund, which is the District’s main funding mechanism to preserve and expand affordable housing.

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