Ward Resource Directory

Below is a list of resources and services available to District residents, visitors, and businesses throughout each Ward. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if you need additional support or guidance.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions

  • Our Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, commonly called ANCs, are non-partisan, neighborhood bodies made up of locally elected representatives, called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners. Each commissioner represents a Single Member District (SMD), a subdivision of a larger district with about 2,000 residents. The commissioners serve two-year terms without pay, hold monthly meetings to discuss neighborhood affairs, and are the District’s greatest partners in addressing matters at the most local level. To learn more about ANCs, locate your ANC or SMD, and determine your monthly meeting schedule, visit https://anc.dc.gov/.

Small and Local Businesses Support

Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD)

  • DSLBD strives to support the development, growth, and retention of DC’s small and local businesses and promote economic development throughout our city’s commercial corridors. For more information or support, visit https://dslbd.dc.gov/.

Business Improvement Districts (BID)

  • The Department of Small and Local Business Development manages the certification and chartering of BIDs, self-taxing districts established by property owners to enhance the economic vitality of a specific commercial area. Currently, 11 established BIDs provide programs to address commercial District-wide issues.


Main Streets

  • DC Main Streets is a Main Street America Coordinating Program that promotes the revitalization of business corridors throughout the District’s neighborhoods. Through our 28 Main Streets, we retain and recruit businesses, improve streetscapes, enhance the facades of commercial corridors, and create new employment opportunities for District residents. To learn more about the program visit https://dslbd.dc.gov/service/DCMS.

Public Libraries, Parks, and Recreation

  • To find your nearest public library and its hours of operation, or to learn more about the DC Public Library system’s community events, click here https://www.dclibrary.org/hours-locations.
  • To locate a local, dog, or national park, use one of the interactive maps found here https://dpr.dc.gov/service/find-park.
  • Want to learn more about recreational programming in the District of Columbia? The DC Department of Parks and Recreation has a host of programming for kids, teens, adults, seniors, and the whole family. Learn more at https://dprprograms.com/.

DC Public Schools and the DC State Board of Education

  • Do you have a student enrolled in DC Public Schools? Stay up to date on the latest news, browse school profiles, and learn more about special programs such as the school lottery or Kids Ride Free program at https://dcps.dc.gov/.
  • Although no longer the central policymaking entity on education matters, the District of Columbia Board of Education plays a key role in maintaining and improving the quality of our public schools. The body is comprised of nine elected members (one from each of the eight wards and one who serves At-Large) and four additional student representatives. To find out how to connect with your State Board Representative and learn more about their work, visit https://sboe.dc.gov/

Services for Senior Residents

  • The District of Columbia is one of the nation’s most age-friendly cities, and that is due to our hardworking staff at the DC Department of Aging and Community Living and our many other community partners. For a complete listing of senior support services – including but not limited to housing or meal services, transportation assistance, caregiving or in-home adaptations, recreation, community programming, health insurance counseling, or legal services – visit https://dacl.dc.gov/services.