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PRESS RELEASE: McDuffie Introduces Bill to Increase Availability of Affordable 3-Bedroom and Larger Units

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Washington, DC – Today, Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie, Chair of the Committee on Business and Economic Development, introduced legislation to require the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development to produce a biennial report studying the District’s need for 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartment units in the District of Columbia – and to increase the amount of family-size units built with funds from the Housing Production Trust Fund.

Family Unit Amendment Act of 2017

This legislation would amend the Housing Production Trust Fund Act of 1988 to require a percentage of funds disbursed from the Housing Production Trust Fund to be used to assist in creating rental units with a minimum of 3 bedrooms. The bill requires that 10% of the units created by each Notice of Funding Availability must be large family units.  The bill also requires the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development to produce a biennial report on the number of large family units in each ward; the number of very low income and extremely low income households, in each ward that occupy a large family unit; any government assisted projects that resulted in the creation of large family units; and, an assessment of the need in the District for large family units.

With introduction of this legislation, Councilmember McDuffie said: “Since taking office in 2012, I have prioritized legislation that incentivizes the creation and preservation of affordable housing. Yet, despite our focus on Affordable Housing, people have felt left out, specifically families that already live in the District. As I reflect upon what has been a significant push by both the Council and Executive to create Affordable Housing, I must ask whether we have missed the mark.

To date, our focus has been on Affordable Dwelling Units. We have judged our success based on the number of units we have created, with little emphasis on the size of the units being built.

This legislation advances a new vision for Economic Development and Affordable Housing – that of family-size units. The bill will give our District government the tools and data to ensure the units that we build meet the needs of all District residents and families”


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