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Councilmember McDuffie’s Statement on the “Fire and Emergency Medical Services Memorial Designation Act of 2015”

Today, along with Chairman Mendelson, Councilmembers Alexander, Allen, Bonds, Cheh, Evans, Grosso, May, Nadeu, Orange, Silverman, and Todd, I am introducing the “Fire and Emergency Medical Services Memorial Designation Act of 2015”. The bill would designate and maintain a memorial to the members of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department for their more than 150-year commitment to District of Columbia residents and visitors, and would recognize the members who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

On May 6, 2015, Lieutenant Kevin “Lightbulb” McRae gave his life in the line of duty. While we will celebrate his life and service on November 22, 2015, when his birthday will be ceremonially designated by the Council as “Lt. McRae Day”, this recognition is only effective during 2015.

To properly recognize Lt. McRae’s service, and that of the 99 firefighters that gave their lives before him, this bill will create, with the help of the Commission on Arts and Humanities, a memorial for FEMS personnel.


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