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Councilmember McDuffie Joins Mayor Gray In Releasing The Industrial Land Task Force Report- Ward 5 Works

Study Highlights Plan To Modernize 1,000 Acres Of Industrial Land 

Today, Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie (D – Ward 5) and Mayor Vincent C. Gray released Ward 5 Works—the report produced by the Industrial Land Task Force, which outlines a strategic plan for the modernization and adaptive reuse of industrial land in Ward 5.

In the fall of 2012, Councilmember McDuffie introduced the Ward Industrial Land Transformation Task Force Act. The legislation contemplated the creation of a task force led by the DC Office of Planning that would develop a plan for the revitalization of Ward 5’s industrial land.

Working with Councilmember McDuffie, Mayor Gray convened the Industrial Land Task Force via executive order in 2013. The task force was comprised of sixteen members, including agency heads, Ward 5 residents, and representatives from the private and non-profit sectors.

The task force members were charged with crafting a report which surveyed the Ward 5’s existing industrial land, examined its current uses and proposed recommendations to develop underutilized and improperly used spaces in a way that improves the quality of life for residents. While the Ward 5 Works report addresses specific challenges and opportunities within Ward 5, the resulting strategies can be implemented city-wide. The task force aimed to problem solve a long overdue issue while offering a viable solution to achieving a vibrant 21st century industrial zone that harmonizes with nearby neighborhoods.

Since Ward 5 contains two-thirds of the city’s industrial land, Councilmember McDuffie was mindful and attuned to the specific issues raised by constituents and he has led efforts to identify alternative uses for Ward 5’s industrial land. Although some of the ward’s industrial land is in productive use and is well-maintained, many residents have long lamented the poor conditions of some industrial parcels and the negative effects that traditional industrial uses have on surrounding neighborhoods.

Since taking office in 2012, Councilmember McDuffie has made it a top priority to reenvision these industrial lands as an asset to Ward 5 and the city as a whole. As the process to transition from strategy to implementation begins, Councilmember McDuffie continues to lead the charge for new and innovative ways to develop and sustain industrial lands.

The Ward 5 Works report addresses many of the unique challenges to repurposing industrial land while highlighting opportunities that would modernize more than 1,000 acres of industrial land into mixed use, commercial, and residential areas.

For more information on the Industrial Land Task Force and to review the full Ward 5 Works report, please visit: Ward 5 Works.

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