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Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie Submits a Letter to City Officials Regarding the effects of the D.C. United Stadium Deal on Ward 5

September 25, 2013

The Honorable Vincent C. Gray, Mayor

Allen Y. Lew, City Administrator


Dear Mayor Gray and City Administrator Lew,

I write to formally reiterate my concern about a key aspect of the D.C. United Stadium deal as it relates to Ward 5. As I stated in the Mayor-Council breakfast on September 24, I must insist that the industrial uses currently occupying the land at Buzzard Point not be relocated to Ward 5.

Mr. Lew, you assured me at the breakfast that the effects of any displacement resulting from the soccer stadium deal would not be borne by Ward 5. I am pleased to hear that and write to affirm that I will hold you to your word on this matter.

Mr. Mayor, I am very pleased with the progress of the Ward Five Industrial Land Transformation Task Force that I set in motion and you agreed to establish via executive order. The Task Force has been meeting for the past nine months and is poised to report its results at the end of the calendar year. Indeed, I am hosting a community open house on Monday, September 30, from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. at Trinity University’s O’Connor Auditorium to review the outstanding work the Task Force has already accomplished. I invite you to join us. I trust that the spirit of the Task Force goals will inform any plans for the relocation of Buzzard Point businesses and utilities.

I know that you both recognize and support my commitment to energize Ward 5’s commercial offerings, increase family-focused amenities in the community, and appropriately manage Ward 5’s abundant industrial land. It is my sincere concern that we not repeat the past mistakes resulting from the relocation of businesses displaced by the construction of Nationals Stadium. I look forward to receiving more details about the D.C. United stadium deal and I trust that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that all city neighborhoods continue to grow and thrive.



Kenyan R. McDuffie

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