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McDuffie Secures Funding for Critical Ward 5 Projects and Fights to Improve the Quality of Life for District Residents

For Immediate Release:
March 29, 2013

Washington, DC – Yesterday, Mayor Vincent Gray (D) presented to the Council of the District of Columbia his proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 budget.

Over the last several months, Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie (D – Ward 5) outlined his Ward 5 and agency budget priorities with the Mayor and agency directors. The Mayor’s proposed $10.7 billion dollar budget addresses many of these requests, including funding for Ward 5 schools and libraries, increasing the city’s investment in affordable housing, promoting economic development, and enhancing job and educational opportunities.

“Mayor Gray presented a solid budget, one that is aimed at improving the quality of life for residents, incentivizing economic development, and increasing educational opportunities for our students,” said Councilmember McDuffie.  “I am pleased to see many of the issues for which I advocated in the Mayor’s plan. A number of my legislative initiatives over the past year are reflected in the FY14 budget, including replacement Supercans for all residents throughout the city. I am also pleased to see $100 million for affordable housing, full funding for the new Brookland Middle School, and the modernization of Spingarn High School and Langdon Elementary School, as well as capital to improve Ward 5’s Great Streets. These are all critical investments in the future of Ward 5.”

Additionally, McDuffie supported and is pleased to see increased funding for the DC Board of Elections (BOE), the Office of Campaign Finance (OCF), and the DC Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (BEGA). These agencies play a critical role in McDuffie’s plan, as Chair of the Government Operations Committee, to restore integrity to the District’s electoral process.

“Elections and a transparent campaign finance system are vital elements of our democracy. BOE, OCF, and BEGA must be equipped with sufficient resources to accomplish their missions – this has been lacking in the past and has contributed to the problems we have faced as a city. Through the budget oversight process, I will ensure that BOE, OCF, and BEGA’s budgets enable them to uphold and enforce our laws,” said McDuffie.

Working with the Mayor, Councilmember McDuffie secured and preserved funding for the following:

Over $49 million, including receiving school realignment funds, for Ward 5 school construction and modernization;

  • $2 million to expand the “Supercans For Seniors Act 2013” to include all residents;
  • Up to $5 million to increase the Retail Priority Area program to include Ward 5 Great Streets, including a study for streetscape enhancements on Rhode Island Avenue, N.E.;
  • Funding for the Langdon Park Community Center, Harry Thomas Sr. Recreation Center, Turkey Thicket Recreation Center, and Noyes Recreation Center;
  • Over $1 million in operating funds to implement the Bloomingdale Flooding Task Force’s recommendations to combat systemic flooding issues;
  • Initial funding of $1.4 million for McMillan redevelopment and $47.8 Million over the next four years for construction;
  • $4.8 million to complete funding for the Woodridge Public Library;
  • $9.8 million for the much needed rightsizing and realignment plan of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC); and
  • $1.7 million in FY14 in UDC’s operating budget to enhance programming and activities for students.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Council to refine the budget over the next 56 days,” stated McDuffie.


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