2013 Review: Community Affairs

In 2013, Councilmember McDuffie and his staff worked with neighborhood stakeholders to increase community engagement.  As a result, Ward 5 residents were provided regular updates on DC Government municipal matters and, in conjunction, given the opportunity to weigh in on how to improve the quality of life through the legislative process and budget prioritization. In addition to attending numerous meetings on a weekly basis, Councilmember McDuffie organized events that directly brought key DC government officials to neighborhoods across Ward 5. Councilmember McDuffie also linked existing and new Ward 5 businesses to resources that assist in their growth. We are confident that our continued dedication and passion for our constituents will further our overall mission to better serve Ward 5.



  • Councilmember McDuffie established the Ward 5 Senior Advisory Council (W5SAC) to better engage one of our most important populations. The W5SAC, comprised of seniors from across the ward, meets on a regular basis to discuss housing, transportation and important changes taking place on both the local and federal levels of government. Through meeting with W5SAC, the Councilmember ushered in a $5.8 million increase in D.C. Office on Aging’s budget and directed funds from his committee, Government Operations, to meet the needs of the District’s seniors. He also directed funding to sponsor the following programs for seniors:
    • $165,000 to support the hiring of additional staff in Ward 5’s lead agency;
    • $250,000 to the Office on Aging to support ward-based services for seniors; and
    • $95,000 to the Washington Elderly Handicapped Transportation Service to expand transportation services.


Neighborhood Walkthroughs

  • Since taking office, Councilmember McDuffie has conducted successful community walk-throughs to address constituent concerns across Ward 5. During each walkthrough, the Councilmember is joined by directors and representatives of various D.C. government agencies, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, civic and neighborhood associations and other community stakeholders. These walk-throughs provide the Councilmember and residents with the opportunity to give D.C. agency officials a firsthand view of long-standing service requests and concerns within the community. 
  • Councilmember McDuffie has organized successful walk-throughs in the Brentwood, Gateway, and Bates neighborhoods.  NEED LIST


Public Safety

In addition to communicating with our law enforcement and public safety partners on a daily basis, Councilmember McDuffie has organized meetings and safety walks to remain vigilant on crime.


  • To address concerns of violent crimes in the beginning of the summer, Councilmember McDuffie hosted a public safety crime forum with the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, Paul Quander, Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) Chief Cathy Lanier, and other key personnel of the criminal justice network. The forum was not only an opportunity for residents to hear what steps DC Government is taking to ensure their safety, but also provided the appropriate venue to discuss helpful crime prevention strategies.
  • As a result of an increase in crimes reported at Metro stations, Councilmember McDuffie met in the fall with Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) Chief, Ronald Pavlik to discuss in great detail the actions being taken by MTPD to address public safety concerns.
  • In response to a series of violent incidents, Councilmember McDuffie conducted a safety walk in the Trinidad neighborhood.  After meeting with the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety and Justice to request a strategic plan for reducing violent crimes, additional resources were dispatched to intersections of concern.


First Street Tunnel and Consolidated Utility Work

  • Since taking office, Councilmember McDuffie has successfully dedicated resources to address systemic flooding in neighborhoods such as Bloomingdale, Edgewood, Eckington and LeDroit Park. This past December, Councilmember McDuffie reaffirmed his commitment to those neighborhoods by hosting an update meeting on the First Street Tunnel Project and consolidated utility work. The purpose of the meeting was to provide residents with the opportunity to hear how DC Water and utility companies are collaborating on all current work and construction. Representatives from the Department of Health, District Department of Transportation, DC Water, Washington Gas and PEPCO provided updates and fielded questions from attendees.


Giving Back to Ward 5 Residents

  • Councilmember McDuffie joined community leaders and local non-profit organizations to provide school supplies to students in need before the beginning of last school year. The giveaways took place across the ward and equipped hundreds of families with the necessary supplies they need to excel in the classroom.
  • In November, Councilmember McDuffie partnered with community stakeholders to provide over 400 families with Thanksgiving meals during the 2013 holiday season. Councilmember McDuffie and volunteers also delivered meals to senior citizens and disabled residents.
  • Councilmember McDuffie also continued the tradition of hosting the Annual Ward 5 Holiday Party. The event attracted over 300 residents and helped collect close to 100 toys for families in need. The toys were donated to the Women’s Wing Organization, which distributed the toys to children of incarcerated parents.